Coleman BlackOut Bedroom Range

Coleman BlackOut Bedroom Range
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Coleman BlackOut Bedroom Range

Do you find you are sensitive to light? Or that the kids are waking up really early when sleeping in a tent? Then why not try a tent from Coleman’s Blackout Bedroom Range.

Coleman describes this range as a ‘revolutionary new sleep system for campers and ideal for parents or anyone sensitive to light’. The range was the winner of the Camping Magazine's 2016 Editor's choice Awards in the Best Camping Innovation category.

So, what makes these tents so good?

The impressive BlackOut Bedrooms block up to 99% of daylight entering the sleeping area, meaning the room is dark whatever the time of day or weather! This ensures you can get a long and restful sleep on your trip and if you find the day’s activities have tired you out, then the BlackOut Bedrooms are ideal to have a recovery nap. In fact, the BlackOut Bedrooms are so good, you may want to bring a torch or lamp during your stay!

BlackOut Bedrooms also help to manage the temperature of the tent by storing energy from the sun in the surface of the fabric. Your bedroom can be up to 5 degrees cooler during the day and 1 degree warmer during the night to help you have a comfortable stay.

Coleman uses the latest technology and rigorously test their tents to ensure you are protected no matter the weather. The WeatherTec technology ensures a fantastic hydrostatic head rating to offer great protection in the rain. Coleman tents are designed to withstand wind speeds of 35+ MPH. Coleman’s UVGuard Sun Protection technology gives your tent SPF50 protection against UV exposure and sunburn, extending the time you can enjoy your tent!

Finally, Coleman tents are designed with your safety in mind and made of fire-retardant material. In the event of a fire, the material will self-extinguish and not flare dangerously out of control giving you time to escape.

The Coleman BlackOut Bedroom range has numerous designs and sizes of tents, so you can be sure to find one that is perfect for you. Don’t forget we always offer FREE Mainland UK delivery on our items. Happy Camping!

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