Quest Leisure Chairs: An Introduction

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Quest Leisure Chairs: An Introduction

Quest Leisure is a British company based in the Midlands. They are a well-known supplier of the Caravan, Camping, Garden Centre, Leisure and Outdoor Pursuits trade sectors and have now been doing business for over 25 years. They are class leaders in their industry and have a well-established attitude to supply, demand and support.

Quest has been developing their furniture ranges for outdoor use for over 20 years and are marketing leaders in their sector. They are always coming up with unique ideas and never copy trends that other companies on the market are using. They have many different ranges of chairs, allowing you to the find the perfect chair to cater to your needs. Leisure depot currently stocks many of their ranges of outdoor seating which includes Bordeaux Pro, Naples Pro, Ragley Pro and Hampton.

Bordeaux Pro

Bordeaux pro

The Quest Elite Bordeaux Pro range is the top of the premium ranges of Quests’ furniture. It’s all about the comfort and style of the chair in this range and would be an absolute treat to sit on in your garden this Summer. The range uses a premium aluminium frame and a high-performance QTex 2D material which creates an even more luxurious feel by adding premium padding for maximum comfort. The stretch nature of the material means that it bounces back after use and will stay taught for longer than their cheaper rivals. It is U.V. resistant so offers great resistance to the sun rays, making it more resistant to sun ray damage. The fabric is also quick-dry, making it great for laying on after going for a dip. All of the items in this range have the exclusive Quest Elite slide outside table, making it great for times when the table is too far away.

Elite Naples Pro

Naples pro

The Quest Elite Naples Pro range is another one of their premium ranges of outdoor furniture. It’s all about lightweight performance, making them great for moving them around with ease. The range uses a high-performance QTex 2D giving you an excellent and all-weather performance chair. Like the Bordeaux Pro range, the fabric used for the Naples Pro range also has the amount of stretch that it’ll bounce back after use and will stay taught for longer than rivals. It is also U.V. resistant so offers great resistance to the sun rays, making it more resistant to sunray damage and is also quick-dry. This is also combined with a premium aluminium frame and the exclusive slide-out table to produce a unique chair that is practical and stress-free. It’s also got a stylish finish, making it look as good as it feels.

Ragley Pro

Ragley pro

The Quest Ragley Pro range is yet again another one of their premium ranges of garden furniture. It’s all about the style and durability of the chair, making them great for looking stylish whilst still being hard wearing. Like the Bordeaux Pro and the Naples Pro ranges, this range uses the high-performance Qtex 2D material which creates a luxurious feel that stays taught for longer, is U.V. resistant and is quick-dry. However, unlike the other ranges already mentioned, this range uses a premium steel frame which is made even better by the electroplated coating, which will make the frame look newer for longer. This range also includes the exclusive slide out table for ease and comfort of the consumer.

Hampton Range


Finally, we have the Quest Hampton range, it is a high-quality range of folding furniture that gives excellent weather resistance whilst still ensuring that both the weight and price is kept as low as possible, which gives it a great balance between all three of those factors. This range uses a high-quality Textilene, it is denser and stronger than the typical one used for cheaper versions. It is an all-weather fabric as it is naturally quick-drying, making It great for if that great British weather rain decides to hit. The frames of these chairs are made out of high-quality steel and are coated with a high-quality and all-weather coating to ensure both value and for money and weather resistance.

Quest Leisure’s ranges of outdoor furniture is a must-have for this summer and are so diverse. Whether that be for your garden to lay out sunbathing whilst having a BBQ or whilst on a camping trip or even out in your caravan/motorhome, there’s a range that’ll suit everyone’s needs. So, head on over to the store to check out these ranges from Quest now.

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