Tent Essentials

If you're planning your next outdoor adventure, Leisure depot can help! With their wide range of tents, you'll be sure to find what you need.

Now with our Tent Essentials, you can feel more at home than ever before outdoors! Including Protection & Waterproofing, Carpets & Groundsheets, Backpacks & Trolleys, Event Shelter Walls, Lanterns & Lighting, Beds & Mattresses, Heavy Duty Pegs, Tent Extensions, Battery Banks, Sleeping Bags, Windbreaks, and Heaters.

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Best Sellers
  1. Quest Slimline Quartz Heater
    Special Price £16.71 Regular Price £16.97
  2. Coleman Tent Footprint 8 XL Air
    Special Price £79.95 Regular Price £89.97
  3. Coleman Camping Wagon
    Special Price £81.70 Regular Price £95.37
  4. Royal Leisure 3 Panel Windbreak
    Special Price £41.42 Regular Price £41.98